Thursday, 13 August 2015

The End

Our carrier has discovered that writing a blog is not as easy as it seems. She tried but it's not to be so, its back to the cupboard for us.
Although she has now a greater respect for bloggers so something was learned
Wishing well to our very few brave readers it's goodbye from us xx

Tuesday, 28 July 2015


A very good reason that the carrier needs to write up our blog more promptly is that she can be a tad forgetful of things. Luckily she has the other carrier to assist. 
So our next outing was a lovely walk through the fields to Egham, being close to Runnymead there is understandably a lot of memorials to the Magna Carta.

The poop deck

We have recently been joined by some lovely friends of the carriers for our journey along the Thames so we are expecting some fun times ahead.
Another bonus of our times down south is the availability of Waitrose as with loyalty cards obtained the carriers enjoy a free daily coffee. This is always a good thing with the carriers as they certainly love their coffee

Monday, 27 July 2015


Rewind to our travels on Sunday 5th July
The carriers had a great day out at the Palace, but we were left in the cupboard. They have no consideration of our need to see the sun and top up our vitamin D levels.
Hampton Court Palace

Poor exhausted guy, it's hard work being a tourist

A mention of free wine and lickety split these 2 were in the queue. A great use for a fountain, wish there was one in each place we visit.

Wide river

Big boats
Lots to see and do , now if only the carrier will keep catching up all will be well on the Thames

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Slack tart

Now is the time to catch up on the epic journey on the Thames. Despite having good intentions Diane is a slack tart and can be easily distracted, so will now endeavour to 'try harder' words I know she has heard in the past.
Ham House
 This lovely property was visited on the 4 th July on a lovely sunny day. We had caught the bus there from Kingston so that the National Trust Cards could be utilised. Silly Diane always says the more we visit the more we save !!
Ray liked this room especially as they had samples too!!
 We find theses houses which are steeped in history most interesting and luckily the old mans blog is more up to date and must be said is more informative.

bathing was very different in the past
So just a short post to get back into the rhythm, fingers crossed it will continue as we are visiting really great places along the mighty Thames.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

A Big River

Today is very exciting as we have been released from the cupboard to see the journey out on the big river. Which as you may guess is the mighty Thames .
This part of the Thames , from Brentford to Teddington is tidal and so controlled by the lock keepers.
So here we are waiting for the incoming tide
This could be a problem
                             Here we are waiting above the lock till there is water

Now here the tide has risen enough so the good ship Ferndale can cruise along smoothly.

That's better to see water ahead

The crew are not fazed by the big water and with anchor attached and life jackets adorned it off onto the big river.

Well these two don't look worried
Lovely to feel the wind in our plush fur

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Back to the cupboard

We have been locked up again as we have not walked to any new places.

A couple of appropriate boat names for Diane 

The first bbq of the year
So hot today that Diane had to put the sun umbrella up on the tiller. A very hot 34 C.
Onto the Thames shortly so maybe our escape will be imminent 

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Fresh Air

Here we are on our boat the lovely NB Ferndale.
It's cruising back over waters already travelled as we head back through London. Plans are to spend some time on the Thames.

Bet the carriers wish we could help with the locks, but no chance. Still good exercise for them !!